Event Catering

Outdoor and Event Catering

San Remo Catering offer all types of outdoor and event catering to suit your needs and the nature of event that is being catered for. Whether it's a public event, corporate activity or large private occasion, we can provide mobile or static catering facilities.

Mobile Catering Trailer
Mobile Catering Trailer
Static Barbeque Setup
Static BBQ Setup
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Mobile Units

We have a number of high specification mobile catering units for hire that are suited to larger events and can serve a wide range of hot and cold food and drinks. Each unit is manned by our own trained and uniformed staff and operated to the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Whether you are organising a public event, such as a fair or firework display; a corporate team-building day or a large private function, we can provide a catering unit to suit.

Static Event Setups

We can also provide BBQ based static catering options for large or small events, corporate and private activities with menus to suit your needs and any special requirement you may have - for example, our Group BBQs at Black Park.

All our static setups are manned by our own trained and uniformed staff.

Park Café Events

If you are organising a group event, we can provide hot or cold buffets for activities or groups in any of our parks.

Some of our parks also have dedicated meeting room facilities and we can provide buffet catering from our Café kitchens. Please see the individual Café sites for details.

Carters Steam Fair

For over ten years we have been the main caterers for Carters Steam Fair, which is Britain 's premier historic funfair.

Our traditional Rock & Roll Burger Bar offers the wide range of hot and cold food, snack and drinks that you would expect to go with the traditional funfair experience.